Denver Janitorial’s Office Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services DenverWe are here to handle all of your Denver office cleaning needs. It is crucial to an efficient office environment that cleanliness not be a burden to the employees who have important business to attend to. Let us take care of your Denver office with our full line of Denver office cleaning services that will leave the windows streak free and the bathrooms spotless. To ensure customer satisfaction, Pike Enterprises uses a personal 37-point inspection sheet for every job. This list was put together with years of experience in mind to guarantee that when we say we are done with a job we mean it right down to the baseboards. You won’t have to worry about missing a spot because we will get if for you the first time, every time.

Our commercial janitorial services include a 37 point inspection will help to ensure that each and every space of your Denver office is clean from top to bottom, inside and out. Even your ovens will sparkle on the inside with our Denver office cleaning services.

Denver Office Cleaning Inspection Sheet: 

• Clean walls/ceilings
• Clean all fixtures
• Door
• Clean the glass
• Sweep and mop floors

• Clean walls/ceilings
• Clean all fixtures
• Closets
• Sweep and mop floors

• High dusting
• Walls
• Clean all cupboards (tops/inside/outside)
• Light fixtures
• Inside and out of refrigerator
• Stove and oven (inside/top/sides/front)
• Microwave
• All counters wipe down
• Windows
• Closets
• Baseboards
• Sweep and mop floors

• High dusting (light fixtures/cupboards/etc.)
• Clean all walls
• Clean all base boards
• Scrub sink with soft scrub and a green scrubby
• Scrub inside and out of shower and tub
• Scrub toilets
• Closets
• Clean counters and lower cupboards inside and out
• Windex all glass and mirrors and bathroom fixtures
• Sweep and mop floor
• Disinfect and Deodorize

Livingroom and Bedrooms
• High dusting (light fixtures/baseboards/etc.)
• Wipe down all walls
• Windows if necessary, inside and out
• Wipe down any cupboards, closets, or shelves
• Vacuum all carpet

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