Construction Cleaning in the Denver Area

Denver Janitorial offers preferred office cleaning services, also providing construction cleaning in the Denver area. Our janitorial service company has a 35-point inspection sheet to ensure that we clean to the utmost industrial standards. We specialize in clean up from ‘rough’ to ‘final’, and we have the experience needed to fully tackle all your construction cleaning needs. From the smallest of remodeling jobs to the largest stadium projects, Denver Janitorial handles each job with individual care and attention.

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In the construction industry, it is common for business owners, homeowners, inspectors, and even community members to walk through the construction site at every stage of the construction process. With our commercial building cleaning services in Denver, we will make sure that excess construction debris is cleared out and that surfaces are wiped down and presentable throughout the construction cleaning process.

Check out our inspection sheet (below) which outlines the extensive list of items that our janitorial service company covers. If you don’t see what you need here please just contact us and we will be happy to put together a list of services tailored to your specific janitorial needs. Request a quote for excellent construction cleaning services in Denver or give us a call at (303) 306-0290 today!

Inspection Sheet:

Construction Cleaning in Denver, COEntryways
• Clean walls/ceilings
• Clean all fixtures
• Door
• Clean the glass
• Sweep and mop floors

• Clean walls/ceilings
• Clean all fixtures
• Closets
• Sweep and mop floors

• High dusting
• Walls
• Clean all cupboards (tops/inside/outside)
• Light fixtures
• Inside and out of refrigerators
• Stove and oven (inside/top/sides/front)
• Microwave
• All counters wipe down
• Windows
• Closets
• Baseboards
• Sweep and mop floors

• High dusting (light fixtures/cupboards/etc.)
• Clean all walls
• Clean all baseboards
• Scrub sink with soft scrub and a green scrubby
• Scrub inside and out of shower and tub
• Scrub toilets
• Closets
• Clean counters and lower cupboards inside and out
• Windex all glass and mirrors and bathroom fixtures
• Sweep and mop floor
• Disinfect and Deodorize

Livingroom and Bedrooms
• High dusting (light fixtures/baseboards/etc.)
• Wipe down all walls
• Windows if necessary, inside and out
• Wipe down any cupboards, closets, or shelves
• Vacuum all carpet