Commercial Carpet Cleaning | Denver, Colorado

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Denver CODenver Janitorial specializes in commercial carpet cleaning in the Denver area with our certified technicians across the Denver Metro Area, along with office janitorial services. We take on a wide variety of work, ranging from households and hotels, to offices, restaurants, banks, shops, etc. It doesn’t take long before your fresh new carpet looks aged and dingy. Regular carpet cleaning is a must to keep your air quality fresh and pull out that grime that gets deep down into the fibers. Our carpet cleaning services in Denver, CO get deep down into your carpets to remove odors and microbial.
Reasons to utilize our Denver commercial carpet cleaning services:
  • When properly maintained, carpet can improve indoor air quality, acting as a filter to hold soil, debris, and other contaminants.
  • Every time you walk into your house, you bring in lots of pollutants-chemicals, pollens, soil, tar, dirt, car exhaust, etc.
  • Pollutants get trapped in your home and have nowhere to go but down to your carpet.
  • One example of a pollutant in your carpet is insecticide. The day after you spray, the concentration is 10 times stronger in your carpet than outside where you sprayed.
Office Janitorial Services11-step Steam Cleaning Extraction Process:
  1. Assess carpet fiber
  2. Measure footage
  3. Determine price on square footage
  4. Move furniture accordingly
  5. Pre-vacuum (to remove surface dirt)
  6. Pre-spray w/detergent (similar to a pre-wash treatment)
  7. Agitate carpet (to loosen deep dirt)
  8. Dwell time (several minute wait for detergent to begin working)
  9. Rinse with conditioner and extract (vacuum up any excess dirt, detergent, and water)
  10. Use air movers to accelerate drying time
  11. For an additional price, we can apply Scotchgard™ while carpets are damp to dry deep down in fibers and help protect
Denver Janitorial will clean your carpet not only for the physical appearance, but also for the health of you and your loved ones.
Request a bid for our commercial carpet cleaning in Denver, Colorado today! We guarantee you will be satisfied with our office janitorial services.